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Our roots

Hi, we are naka 👋🏻 We have long been fascinated by the groundbreaking ideas presented in Satoshi Nakamoto's 2008 bitcoin white paper and their enormous potential to solve many of humanity's greatest problems.

We wanted to take those ideas and carry them to a wider audience. What better way to embody them than wearing them proudly on our chests, we thought.

Our mission

More than just a brand, naka aims to challenge norms. Our designs are meant to be conversation starters, to make people rethink their understanding of our socio-economic reality and the status quo. 🚀

We're committed to exclusivity and the use of quality materials. Expect limited edition collections that are made with eco-friendly and sustainable production in mind. We're not just trying to make clothes, we're trying to make a movement.

Our vision

In the spirit of bitcoin, we want to make things that reliably stand the test of time. Low time preference clothing, as the Austrians would call it. ⌛️

We make clothes we are proud to wear - clothes that look good, fit well and say something meaningful. We strive for a fusion of style and substance that reflects our beliefs and values.

Our products

At naka, we embrace the art of sustainable fashion, crafting each piece in North Portugal, near Fafe, with the finest biological cotton. 👕

Our commitment to European quality is evident in every step, from precise printing to meticulous stitching. Beyond quality checks, each item is pre-washed and ironed, ensuring durability and ready-to-wear elegance.